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The little things forgotten with time

   It is kinda funny how many little things I forgot about that Sydeney did and went through as a toddler. I just sorta didn't think about them any more once she grew out of it. But now that Madeline is entering her twos and oh how terribly entertaining it is, The memories have flooded back and I am amazed that we both survived and I know that this too shall pass. Like for instance when we are getting in the car and Madeline wants to do EVERYTHING herself so I typically let her if I'm not in too much of a hurry, but if she decides she doesn't want to be strapped into her car seat she arches her back and it is nearly impossible to get her in. Not to mention fairly embarrassing in a crowded parking lot. Or when she asks for something, say, like a cookie and I actually give it to her but I guess not in the exact way she had wanted me to do it so she freaks out. My favorite toddler moment is when they both did/do this....fall flat on their face from a standing position to oppose what ever it is they feel the need to disagree with... Sigh....At least I am pretty sure I will survive. There are all of the really great things too like the pure amazement and excitement over every new thing. Luckily both my girls have that joy in their eyes for the little things in life and I hope they always continue to see the bright side of life.

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  1. Oh I can remember the days all too clearly myself. Your right, this too shall pass and you shall survive it. I am convinced that my daughter is still in her terrible twos... only we call it the terrible fours now LOL!