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LINENSPA pillow review and GIVEAWAY

 LINENSPA, an online bedding company that sells everything from sheets to bed frames recently was kind enough to sponsor a giveaway and review of their amazing Gel Convolution™ Pillow by Z™ I received my pillow two weeks ago and have fallen in love. Now, I am one of those sleepers that surrounds myself with pillows. One under my head, one to cuddle and one between my knees. I love being surrounded by softness, but I must admit I have been a cheapskate when it comes to pillows and now I realize that was silly because this new pillow has honestly changed my sleep and my mornings. I usually wake up with a dull neck ache that through the day leads into a migraine, which I have been attributing to stress and work but now I realize all I needed was a good pillow because I have been waking up feeling wonderful. Seriously.

Here's what I love about this pillow.
  • It has a gel infused memory foam in the middle of the pillow itself, The Dough® memory foam is infused with Z™ Gel for a cooler sleeping option. this pillow offers three different comfort options, and is encased in a Tencel® moisture-wicking cover to enhance the cooling effect.
  • The Memory Foam Formula makes it the softest, doughiest memory foam that is both comfortable and therapeutic. Coupled with the zoned pin-core design, this pillow provides superior pressure relief to eliminate sleeping pain. The open cell formula means this pillow will maintain its original form and won't lose its shape over time.
  • The pillow around the foam is super plush, down-like but hypoallergenic
  • It complements any sleeping position
  • The kings size comfortably fits myself, my cat, and my daughter who inevitably ends up in my bed. 
 Visit LINENSPA for amazing deals on your linen needs. Don't forget to check out their Sale section too. They have king size satin sheet sets for a total of $15.63 with coupon code SNOOZE15 and everything is Standard FREE 5-7 Day Shipping.

Now for the real fun. A GIVEAWAY! Enter below using the rafflecopter. The winner will be able to choose what size/loft they prefer for their new pillow.

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Having One of Those Days

   Have you ever had one of those perfect days when you wake up on your day off ready to get the family fed and the house cleaned, maybe take the kids to the park on a beautiful spring day to play and get a blog post or two written? Then life happens and BAM the day is ruined and panic ensues. Yeah I just had THAT day.   

    We have been renting a really great house in a really great culdesac for 4 years now the last two years have been month to month so I knew eventually we were going to move and we have been budgeting to get ourselves out of debt and able to buy our own house at a good rate. Plus I really want to move back to Texas but we need to be financially sound to make it work. Well our landlord decided they are selling and we have 30 days. I fully understand it's their house but I wish they would've given us more notice especially being the middle of the school year. So I spent most of the morning crying because I'm gonna miss this place but mostly for my kids because they have really great friends here and I can let them play outside and always see them and not worry about them being run over.
   Moving is such a big decision when you have kids, there are so many factors. We spent the whole day looking online, making calls, and driving around. So far our choices are

House A: Down the road behind our current neighborhood but tiny, rundown, and more expensive. They would stay at the same school and still be close to friends but the immediate neighborhood looks a bit iffy to say the least. 

House B: Big nice house but far from everything in a very very small town that I'm not too sure about especially the school. 

House C: Not real close to where we live now but also not too far it is much smaller than our current house but has lots of upgrades and a huge backyard that backs up to a huge playground/ common area. Walking distance to what seems like a nice school and lots of kids in the neighborhood.
    I actually really like C but we found it after the rental office was closed so I don't know what our chances are of getting it. My hopes are up but until the morning I won't know. Uhg I hate not knowing, so meanwhile I have already gotten a few things packed and have so much stuff to get rid of if we are downsizing. The problem with having a big house is that you tend to fill it with more stuff. As for right now I'm going to try to get some sleep and maybe watch just one more show on Netflix. ;) wish me luck. 


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