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I went to the winter Marlboro ranch

What an amazing adventure! I don't know if words could even describe the awesomeness that ensued in Montana at the crazy mountain ranch. I've been back home almost a week getting back to reality and I miss the ranch and the food and staff so much. We got up very early to catch our flight to the ranch on the 18th and had a 2 hour layover in Utah where our ranch hats came in handy because we met a couple of people headed to the next flight with us. Then when we got off the second plane in Montana we were greeted with some friendly faces and cowboys hats and taken to a nice room at the airport to sign in and given  yummy sandwiches. Once all the other winners showed up we were all put on buses for the final trip to the ranch. The staff were super friendly and very funny once we passed through the ranch gates all cell phone service was lost. It was like traveling back in time to the good ole days of country life. We were then given keys and shown our rooms. We stayed in a huge beautiful room in the shawmut 2 building (originally built as a hotel for the miners in  Shawmut, Montana and relocated to the ranch in '96ish if I remember correctly.)  where our bed was covered in gifts. I won't go into too much detail on the gifts so all of the surprise isn't lost, but I will say that if you are headed to the ranch don't waste your baggage space with a winter jacket because the ones they give you will keep you very warm so just take sweaters and jeans.
       The next day we decided to take the tour to Yellowstone which took all day but it was well worth it. Our guides were awesome and we learned a lot of near stuff. I would love to take my kids one day but this was nice with a bus full of happy adults and no screaming and fighting and "I'm hungry" coming from the backseat. We got to get out and take lots of photos and we got to take a neat bit of a hike. The next morning we went ziplining which I never thought I would do but since this whole trip was a chance of a lifetime I decided I would just go for it and see how far I could get. Turns out there are 9 zip lines that start "small" then get up to the second longest one in the US. I did 7 then started getting really nervous because of the height part of it. I was pretty proud of myself so I stopped there and met my husband at the last one. Then after lunch we jumped into snowmobiling which was really fun but man was I sore afterwards, so glad that was last and not before having to glide across a valley on a rope with sore arms. So many amazing adventures and never have I been so well fed in my life. If I ever get invited back in the winter I will finish the zip lines for sure and definitely try dog sledding but I would love to go back in the summer and go horse back riding I bet it is so beautiful then. If you won this trip and your worried about if anything costs money DON'T because everything really is payed for unless of course you want to buy something while at the airport or if you take the Yellowstone tour there is a gift shop there that they let you stop in at.
      As far as this marketing plan goes for Marlboro, it certainly works for creating brand loyalty every time I see a pack of Marlboro's I will ALWAYS remember my trip to the ranch and you better believe I will tell everyone near me about how truly amazing it was.


  1. This post is insanely good! I especially love the pictures. I'm a new MBC follower and look forward to your future posts!

  2. CONGRATS! I have always wondered who wins them and what the trip was actually like. Great pics:)

  3. I found your blog by Google-ing the Ranch trip and I am so happy I did! I love your blog so much and I want to thank you for posting about it! My husband and I are going March 3-6 and I cannot wait! We are flying out from Houston Texas and will have a layover in Utah as well. Not to mention I am so afraid of hights and flying!! So again thank you thank you!

  4. Your blog is indeed amazing! I am going July 13-16. I personally look forward to the cattle drive! I never thought people actually won these things but it turns out they do. Great way for Marlboro to still promote without using the "miles" oh how I miss them though. Anyone else goingthese dates in 2012?

  5. First, thanks for the info, your blog is very informative. I just sent my first batch of papers(background check & medical history)back to them on Friday May, 11. They say it takes up to 4 weeks so I doubt we'll make it for the July 13-16th trip. I'm not sure reality of winning this thing has really set in yet, but I'm going with the flow! Have a great time and keep us posted!!!!

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