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Fulltime RV family

'Our new home'
This is my dream vintage rv
   That's right , we are going to do this, we are going to full-time live in an rv. So here's what happened to lead to our decision. We have been living in Idaho when my husband was given a job opportunity back in Houston where I'm from. It was a good opportunity doing what he loves so we decided to go for it but we were in the middle of a rental lease making things more difficult. We bought a cheap vintage camper trailer that he could park on my parents back property and stay for free in Texas and the kids and I would stay and ride out a few more months of the lease until thanksgiving break so during our final transition to the south there will be less missed school for the kids. Our original plan was to buy Our first house when we got there but looking more into it we just aren't ready for that kind of debt and commitment and I'm so done renting.  With a lot of very stressful decision making we decided our best option is to buy a larger, newer rv that we can live in for at least a couple of years while paying down our debt.    This is our plan as of now. We have found our dream rv for under $27,000. It has a back bedroom for the girls with tons of space and storage for them. Plenty of kitchen and living space for us. We Will be able to park it at my parents for low rent to help them out a little. On holidays we will travel and have fun in our home :)  we will work on paying the rv off quickly as well as paying off our other debts. After the first two years we will decide then if we will buy a house or continue fulltiming. This will give us plenty of time to decide if and where we want to permanently put down roots rather than making a hasty decision we regret later.
   Originally I personally wanted to find a 1950s aircraft spartan rv to refurbish and live in but my husband really wanted something new so I caved for now. Although I fully plan on finding one to use as a guest house when we do buy a house one day. For now I will work on remodeling the little vintage rv the hubby is living in now for fun camping trips.
    I gotta say I'm really excited for this. It will be ours for a fraction of the price of a brick and mortar home. I've asked my kids ages 10 and 6 over and over if they will be ok living in a small space and they are excited for it. So here we go, living the small and simplified life. I'm packing my belongings to be stored and selling off furniture we won't need.

  Our vintage camper that I plan to paint and remodel 
with a fun mermaid theme.
Have any of you done this or considered it? I would love to hear your stories.


  1. I'm doing it now and have been for a year. We have a family of 6 in a 32' travel trailer and own land just outside of Austin, where we are most of the time, but like to take excursions to campgrounds both local and afar. When I tell my kids that we will build a house someday- they respond with, "What for? We love this place!!" Good luck to you! P.S. What model of RV are you getting? I was looking for something with double bunks that slide out and they are hard to find!

    1. That's awesome! Making these big decisions like this are always so stressful while hoping we are making the right decision in the long run. The more I think about it the more I am sure this will be good for us. and Oh the adventures we can have when we want! We are getting a 2016 Salem 31QBTS and instead of double bunks in the two pull outs for the girls room we have a choice between a couch or dinette set under a top bunk. I think we are going with the couch then I will get a small Ikea coffee table since there is plenty of space. That was most important, making sure the girls had plenty of room so they don't go crazy.