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Simple ways to keep your home organized

   Now I know this organizational tip seems so silly and simple and I don't know why I didn't think about it sooner but I personally hated my fridge and trying to locate things within it was annoying because everything else would get pushed around while someone was looking for something. Not to mention we have been buying a lot more fresh vegetables lately and they no longer would fit in the little veggie drawer so I got some baskets from the dollar store to organize things like veggies, sandwich condiments, deli meats and cheeses and stuff.  I still need to make labels but this has given me a much cleaner and organized fridge. I am thinking about doing this with my freezer next.

Now another helping tool that I rely on for my home is low and behold my ROOMBA 
 If you ask me everybody should own their own robotic vacuum cleaner. Not only does it clean in spots that I just wouldn't get to on most vacuuming occasions but it is also kinda fun to run around picking up all the random toys on the floor before the ROOMBA gets to it but more importantly I love telling my husband to get off my back because I am simultaneously washing the dishes doing laundry and vacuuming! but really I have my feet up and I'm watching my shows ;) while the machines are doing all the hard work.  

Sometimes a little paint can bring things together. I decided to paint an old cabinet I got real cheap years ago and the lid to the popcorn container to match my popcorn machine and the bread box I  repainted. 
To be continued......

Tell me what you do to make life at home easier, I would love some more tips. 


Mad Scientist Birthday Party

When my daughter was about to turn eight this year she really wanted to have a birthday party and invite her friends and since she has really been in to everything science lately, I thought what better way to encourage her than a fun mad scientist birthday party.
^ The self inflating balloon experiment. I made labels for empty bottles and pre filled them with vinegar and added baking soda into balloons and carefully put them on the bottle top as to not spill the baking soda in the. When the kids got there they could lift the balloon spilling the soda into the vinegar causing a cool reaction. 

^ The slime making experiment was a huge party hit and made a great party gift
A bought the specimen jars off of for just a few bucks. 
Then we measured out the ingredients for each kid before the party and let them mix them together and add their choice of food color. Here is an easy slime recipe
^her cake was awesome we got it at winco with a space scene they had in their book. Another option is that you can take any photo  and have it printed on icing. 
^ we made Gatorade with dry ice and poured the drinks into cups with the spout to be safe bit the effect was very exciting to the kids. I also made personalized water bottle labels. One for water and one for the vinegar project. 

I also found a set of neon colored test tubes on amazon that I filled with nerds and Petri dishes that I filled with jello and topped with gummy worms to look like a bacteria culture. 
     This is one of the funnest birthday parties I have thrown, and with the great finds from amazon and making everything else it really ended up not costing very much in the end. I hope to inspire and if anyone needs the bottle labels template just let me know. I'm happy to share.