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I'm ready to go to the Marlboro Ranch

   It's the start of a beautiful new year isn't it?  In a recent post I talked about how I was notified as a winner in the Marlboro rock the ranch sweepstakes. Well I got my plane tickets today via fedex and just so unbelievably excited and anxious to get going on what I fully suspect to be an adventure of a lifetime. I will be catching my flight to Montana  on the 15th of this month at 6:30 am with a 2 hour layover in Salt Lake then on to the Bozeman airport where they will gather all the winners and take us to the crazy mountain ranch. In the package I received today I got my tickets, two personalized luggage tags, a gift card to cover the check baggage fee, a check for $750 to cover taxes, hats for us to wear so we can identify other winners at the airports, and contact cards with phone numbers because cell phones don't work at the ranch, and for once I'll be fine with that. I also got my activity itinerary which shows  I will be zip lining on the last day. I am really excited to try it but also very afraid of heights so I'm glad it's last. 
I know my girls are going to miss me, especially Madeline because she has been waking up in the middle of the night a lot lately and she will cry and crawl in bed saying she needs me, it will be hard when I'm not there for her but she will have her oldest sister here who she likes a lot. Of course with the recent holidays and the fact that school doesn't start again where we are til January 9th! I can't wait to get out of the house for a bit of me time with my husband. When the kids start bickering or making a huge mess before I am done with a two hour cleaning spree I just keep telling myself just a few more days now....I do love my family though :)  

The folks at Marlboro sent us some free luggage to pack for our trip too! They are really nice big red duffel bags on wheels. Now only 6 more days till we take off for Montana. I better get to packing.
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  1. So how was it? I play all the Marlboro games and I've never won a big prize. Sounds like a lot of fun though!!

  2. It was amazing

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