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Loving the PlanetBox Lunch box

   We survived the first week of school! My baby started kindergarten this year which is every other day here (I am not a big fan of the every other day kinder mind you. But that's a whole other subject.) I got the first PlanetBox for my fourth grader because she isn't a big fan of what they serve for lunch most days at school and I want her to not come home hungry and grumpy at the end of the day. I really liked it and planed to get my kindergartener the smaller lunch box option they have, called the PlanetBox Shuttle, which they just posted a coupon code on their facebook page for 15% off the complete set ordered on their website between 8/20 and 9/1/2014. The rover would be great but she really really liked all the different compartments of the Rover that her sister has so we went ahead and ordered that one because I know it will last her for years to come. So now with this being the first year that I am planning on packing lunches more than not I am putting together foods that I can make ahead and freeze then just toss in their boxes and by the time they get to lunch it will be thawed. So far I have homemade burritos, diy uncrustables, and banana muffins. I will be looking out for more recipes so if you have any suggestions please let me know.


Let the kids be kids!

  I despise watching or reading the news because it makes me so sad, especially when it comes to stories about children. All the abductions, abuse and death from both tragic accidents and horrible people out in the world. All the children who don't get to be just children for long enough. It just gets to me sometimes. 
  Sometimes with my own kids I get caught up in the busy days with work and when they have school, keeping the house somewhat clean and then I look at them and think oh my goodness where has the time gone?! They are growing up so fast! I ask myself what childhood memories do I want them to grow up having and to pass on to their own kids one day? Is having a spotless house and being on edge about it really more important than making tiny fairy donuts on the kitchen floor and getting powder sugar everywhere in the process? Or building forts out of the furniture in the living room? Or random dance parties when we should be getting ready for bed? Nope nothing is more important than building their imaginations and making those memories really. 


Chicken Avocado Salad

▫️ 3 or 4 boiled chicken breasts shredded or chopped
▫️ 1 boiled egg chopped
▫️ 1 whole small avocado or 1/2 large
▫️ Optional tablespoon of mayo
▫️ 1/2 tablespoon lime juice
▫️ garlic powder to taste

Mix ingredients together in a medium bowl, chill fro a bit then serve on buttered toast ( we just made our own butter and it was surprisingly easy and I will post directions soon ) 

Garnish with paprika and or cayenne pepper

This recipe was a surprise hit with my kids served cold in their Rover Lunch Box from