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DIY Uncrustables

  This year my husband and I have been trying to make healthier and cost efficient eating habits a reality for our family's daily life. We have started making our own foods more with real ingredients. And with the new school year looming in front of us I am starting a plan for my girls school lunches that will be cheaper healthier and still fun for them to eat. I always want to make their lunches but last year I just kept getting busy and never had a plan so that is why I am putting this together early this time around so it doesn't get put off plus I'll have a chance this last month of summer to test them out when we go camping and on picnics.  One item I just tested out is freezing our own pb&j Uncrustables sandwiches. I think I picked up this  wonder bread sandwich sealer from the dollar store
You can find it on amazon for about 6 bucks. This is my kids favorite sandwich cutter ever. It really is easy to make a bunch of these in one night then just grab one and go. 
I used the Fred Meyer brand natural peanut butter. It had the best ingredients for the price. Containing only peanuts and salt. And the Smuckers natural fruit spread. Simply spread peanut butter on each slice of bread and put jelly on one slice then close sandwich. Place sandwich cutter and sealer inside of crust area and press down on outer square first to cut off the crust then press down on center to seal. Place on a cookie sheet and freeze for 30 minutes then pace them in a ziplock bag for eating later.
Easier than pie and the kids couldn't care less if it didn't come from a box.

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