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Mad Science Birthday Party

For my daughters 8th birthday she was really starting to get into Science. So I ran with it and put together a Mad Scientist Party for her and her friends. Here's what we did and the kids had a blast! 
^ The self inflating balloon experiment. I made labels for empty bottles and pre filled them with vinegar and added baking soda into balloons and carefully put them on the bottle top as to not spill the baking soda in the. When the kids got there they could lift the balloon spilling the soda into the vinegar causing a cool reaction. 

^ The slime making experiment was a huge party hit and made a great party gift
A bought the specimen jars off of for just a few bucks. 
Then we measured out the ingredients for each kid before the party and let them mix them together and add their choice of food color. Here is an easy slime recipe
^her cake was awesome we got it at winco with a space scene they had in their book. Another option is that you can take any photo  and have it printed on icing. 
^ we made Gatorade with dry ice and poured the drinks into cups with the spout to be safe bit the effect was very exciting to the kids. I also made personalized water bottle labels. One for water and one for the vinegar project. 

I also found a set of neon colored test tubes on amazon that I filled with nerds and Petri dishes that I filled with jello and topped with gummy worms to look like a bacteria culture. 
     This is one of the funnest birthday parties I have thrown, and with the great finds from amazon and making everything else it really ended up not costing very much in the end. I hope to inspire and if anyone needs the bottle labels template just let me know. I'm happy to share. 


Show your #DisneySide with a pinup flare

   I was super excited to receive an email this year from MomSelect to host a #DisneySide @ home party again. Here's the party we had last year from the box of Disney goodies they had sent us This year is going to be even better. We should be getting our party box this Friday, I can't even tell you how excited my kids are. We will be sure to post an unboxing when we get it. In the meantime while we wait I have been following along with the disneysidecelebrations facebook page where everyone is posting great ideas for all things Disney party. I also follow Pinup Girl Clothing on my facebook page, where I have ordered several amazing vintage inspired, American made, durable dresses from such as this one on me, called the Heidi dress, of which they have available in many different colors.
Pinup Girl Clothing or otherwise known as PUG, now has a line of #Disney inspired outfits and purses which I absolutely adore and need to order. I really love how beautiful their clothes make me feel, and I believe that is important for me to dress myself up every once in a while for my own sanity.  I started a #DisneySide pinterest page here  showcasing the PUG line of Disney Inspired purses and dresses. The best part about their clothes other than the quality of course is that most of their outfits fit sizes XS to 4X and they have beautiful models from XS to 2X to really showcase their clothes. Here are just a few they have available on their site

 P.S. I am in no way affiliated with PUG I just really really love their clothes and wanted to share. Now go out and show the world your #DisneySide!

Introducing my little Vloggers

  I may have created a monster or two.... My girls have been begging me to help them start Vlogging on Youtube for the longest time and I finally caved. Sydeney, my oldest is obsessed with all these YouTubers lately, especially a girl named Madi Lee and the Minecraft ones with Stampy Cat I believe, as some of you other parents with tweens probably know about too. I never ever thought I would hear myself telling my child to play more video games rather than just watch a video of somebody else play the games. Sigh, kids these days eh?  Anyway she seemed really interested in the making of  videos so I decided to let her run with it and now she is learning how to produce and edit. So I officially introduce you to the duo #ScarletPearl Sydeney Scarlet and Madeline Pearl



Upcycled TV stand into Dog Bed

  A few weeks ago I was on Facebook, like I am everyday, when I glimpsed a dog bed made out of a tv console. I thought well that's neat and kept on scrolling. The next night I couldn't stop thinking about it and went online to Craigslist and found a perfect piece of old furniture that I managed to get for a whopping $10 bucks, so the next morning I made my husband go with me to pick it up at which time he told me he thought I might be crazy. He may be right.
This is what I got. A nice solid heavy tv stand that had two drawers and owners had removed the back on.  It was perfect. 
My little helpers were excited. We went to Lowes and found some scrap wood to have cut to size for cheap and removed one of the drawers completely but put the front back on so it looked even. Then added paint and decorations.