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Show your #DisneySide with a pinup flare

   I was super excited to receive an email this year from MomSelect to host a #DisneySide @ home party again. Here's the party we had last year from the box of Disney goodies they had sent us This year is going to be even better. We should be getting our party box this Friday, I can't even tell you how excited my kids are. We will be sure to post an unboxing when we get it. In the meantime while we wait I have been following along with the disneysidecelebrations facebook page where everyone is posting great ideas for all things Disney party. I also follow Pinup Girl Clothing on my facebook page, where I have ordered several amazing vintage inspired, American made, durable dresses from such as this one on me, called the Heidi dress, of which they have available in many different colors.
Pinup Girl Clothing or otherwise known as PUG, now has a line of #Disney inspired outfits and purses which I absolutely adore and need to order. I really love how beautiful their clothes make me feel, and I believe that is important for me to dress myself up every once in a while for my own sanity.  I started a #DisneySide pinterest page here  showcasing the PUG line of Disney Inspired purses and dresses. The best part about their clothes other than the quality of course is that most of their outfits fit sizes XS to 4X and they have beautiful models from XS to 2X to really showcase their clothes. Here are just a few they have available on their site

 P.S. I am in no way affiliated with PUG I just really really love their clothes and wanted to share. Now go out and show the world your #DisneySide!

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