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Upcycled TV stand into Dog Bed

  A few weeks ago I was on Facebook, like I am everyday, when I glimpsed a dog bed made out of a tv console. I thought well that's neat and kept on scrolling. The next night I couldn't stop thinking about it and went online to Craigslist and found a perfect piece of old furniture that I managed to get for a whopping $10 bucks, so the next morning I made my husband go with me to pick it up at which time he told me he thought I might be crazy. He may be right.
This is what I got. A nice solid heavy tv stand that had two drawers and owners had removed the back on.  It was perfect. 
My little helpers were excited. We went to Lowes and found some scrap wood to have cut to size for cheap and removed one of the drawers completely but put the front back on so it looked even. Then added paint and decorations.

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