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My Tiny Home Sweet Home

   I finally decided to paint my tiny home little by little to truly make it my own. We have been living in just a couple hundred square feet for right about a year now and I still think it was a great decision. Yes it can be trying and at times everybody is in the way but most of the time it is perfectly sized for us. I was just so done renting and paying all that money for a house I wasn't allowed to do anything to and would never get a return on but we also didn't want to buy something we didn't truly love and become so house poor we knew we would be miserable, so buying a large travel trailer is what we came up with. When we lived in large two story houses with 3-4 bedrooms we really only ever hung out in two rooms most of the time anyway. It was all so much wasted space that we just filled up with crap to take up space. I do miss having enough room to host get togethers like the girl's birthday parties but I can still do them they are just mostly outside. In fact we spend a lot more time outside now and it is quite enjoyable in my hammock by the fire.
  Anyway I have begun painting the kitchen area first, with white cabinets and I will be painting the walls gray. The paint will give it that much needed small home feel instead of just a camper. I'll be sure to post my updates as I paint each section. I will be working on it in small sections so I don't get overwhelmed by it considering we are currently living in the space.

Kitchen Island Sink After

Kitchen and Island Before


Vintage Camper Makeover

I've been working really hard to get my 1971 Kit Companion camper in glamping condition for max family fun adventures. Only problem is between my husband and kids and work I only have so much time to work on it at a time. Apparently my family likes to be fed and such. Even with limited time and very little funds for this project it is finally starting to come together. I am so proud of myself for getting this far on my own. Behold the before and nearly after pictures.
Before : dirty and dingy
After pulling up nasty carpet
After but still not complete
Before & After


DIY Free Garden Picket Fence

   It's been so long since my last post. I've just been so busy with so many things lately. We have started a small farm in the back property that we have our camper on. We now have a handful of chickens, 2 geese, and a pig.(the farm animals were not planned but were brought to us and then we got more and it just sorta happened over night it seems.)
I got a late start on our garden but now that we got the spot filled up and planted the seeds two weeks ago everything is sprouting and growing quickly. I love growing vegetables from seed! It is always remarkable how fast they grow and I can't understand why everyone doesn't grow their own veggies when they can. It is so much easier than I had ever thought.
cut red 1st, turn over to cut blue, then angled and done

   My husband brought several pallets home that he found for use around the yard and to make a shelter for the geese and we had some extra. I've always wanted a picket fence and decided now would be a good time to make one for our garden. It was super easy with pallets because I just did a few cuts and didn't have to tear apart or reassemble anything and it came out perfectly. Especially for the price of free. I might paint it when I'm all done but I'm kinda liking the rustic look to it right now.


Disney's The Finest Hours

  I was recently able to see Disney's new release called The Finest Hours which is based on the true story about the U.S. Coast Guards most daring rescue of the SS Pendleton in 1952. There were only a few members of the coast guard and a small rescue boat available to attempt to bring home the survivors of the SS Pendleton after the boat split in two in a storm that had also torn another tanker apart where all the other rescue teams were headed. These men were headed into a suicide mission but never gave up and are the very definition of an American Hero. If you have a chance I highly recommend seeing this movie in Real 3D as this was probably my absolute favorite movie that I have yet to see in 3D. Maybe because I have a special love for the 50's era but from the very beginning you feel like you are sitting with them in a diner and on that boat with those men the whole way. The rescue was intense and this movie left me wanting to do more research on the events that took place and the heroes involved.

Check out the trailer below.