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Disney's The Finest Hours

  I was recently able to see Disney's new release called The Finest Hours which is based on the true story about the U.S. Coast Guards most daring rescue of the SS Pendleton in 1952. There were only a few members of the coast guard and a small rescue boat available to attempt to bring home the survivors of the SS Pendleton after the boat split in two in a storm that had also torn another tanker apart where all the other rescue teams were headed. These men were headed into a suicide mission but never gave up and are the very definition of an American Hero. If you have a chance I highly recommend seeing this movie in Real 3D as this was probably my absolute favorite movie that I have yet to see in 3D. Maybe because I have a special love for the 50's era but from the very beginning you feel like you are sitting with them in a diner and on that boat with those men the whole way. The rescue was intense and this movie left me wanting to do more research on the events that took place and the heroes involved.

Check out the trailer below.

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