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All Moved into our new Tiny RV Home

   We got our new home delivered last week and are officially moved in. So far I love it and do not regret our decision. It seems to be just the right size for us to live comfortably together. There have been a few moments when we have all been irritated and could use a little more space from each other, but in all honesty we have worked to make it work. Just yesterday my husband was in the kitchen with me when I was cooking and I yelled at him to go in the other room out of the way, so he took one side step into the dining area and all was good again.
  We are getting used to the small space and getting creative with storage. I even found an out of the way space in the bathroom bottom cabinet to place the cat box where they can get to it so long as the door is open. Maybe I will add a cat door for it one day. 
  The funny thing is I packed four whole boxes of things I thought I could not live without and have only brought in maybe a box and a half of stuff and I don't miss all the other things. We just don't need a lot and we are happy with that. I'll post some more pictures of the inside once we get everything situated and organized.

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  1. What an adventure. While it sounds interesting, I am not sure that I could pull it off..maybe once the children are grown..maybe lol