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Our Primrose Family Dance Off

   As much as it seems there is sometimes too little time in a day there is no way that I would not make the time to kick back and have a dance party with my girls and when we decided to enter the Primrose family dance off contest it made it that much more exciting for everyone especially my 5 year old who practiced for days before we broke out the camera. The Primrose Family Dance-off  supports Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, a non-profit organization that raises funds for more than 170 children’s hospitals, which collectively treat 17 million children annually for every illness and injury imaginable, and Primrose Schools are the leader in educational child care with over 200 preschool facilities nationwide. This contest is for a really great cause and the Primrose Schools will donate $65,000 to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals in the top three winning families’ hometowns which would be the Texas Children's Hospital for us. so click here to vote for my girls { The Edwards Family} or upload your own family dance video for a chance to win at this link ----> 
Disclosure: I was entered for a chance to win a gift card in exchange for this blog post.  No monetary exchange took place.


We are opening a new TATTOO STUDIO!!!!

{this is what we started with minus a wall}

 Yet I still can't help to think "what am I getting myself into AGAIN"  As much as I hate to admit it all the drama with our recent artists has made things difficult. With the coming and going it is undoubtedly hard as a piercer to run a tattoo studio because I need to know that no matter what I have at least one dedicated artist to depend on no matter what. Well in the process of trying to get an old artist back we ended up getting together and creating a partnership to be in business together and we found a new location that is beyond perfect with a little tlc. So here we are when I thought we might just give up and take a loss we are creating Imperial Tattoo Company in Sugar Land, TX with a good friend that we can trust. The last couple of weeks have been crazy because once again we are building a shop from the ground up and it is tiring yet a little bit fun knowing that we put so much hard work into it is very rewarding, though I will truly miss Anchors Aweigh. So here are some pictures of our progress so far from what we started with. We are hoping to be open by March 5th because there is going to be a huge parking lot mardi gras party thrown by
Frank N Steins Bar & Grill next door. That is also the day that
Sydeney's school has it's first carnival that I promised we would
not miss so I am going to be a very busy girl.

we are getting very close


It's a whirlwind of adventures

A lot has been going on around me these days so I think I will separate my blog posts just like I seem to do in life. I love being a business owner and operator but I also really love being a Mom so I try to have time to be both but I like to keep them as separate as I can if that makes any sense. It's like I enjoy pretending I am a stay at home mom but also an entrepreneur at the same time. So I'll talk more about my business in the next post is what I am babbling about. I can not believe it is already almost Valentines day What's up with that. I tried hinting to my husband that if you are going to get me flowers I want potted flowers that I can enjoy for a long time but you know how men are so we shall see. Sydeney is super excited about her first Valentines party in Kindergarten on Monday and can't wait to shop for cards to write all of her classmates names on. It is almost time to start thinking about her upcoming birthday too as I am sure that will be sneaking up on me soon. I recently won a few awesome opportunities from my friend the internet : ) I got selected for the Huggies pullup potty dance party from this will be my third party from! My package should get here in the next day or two. I was also given a nice package including a free flip cam from so my family can participate in Primrose Family Dance Off contest that supports Children's miracle network hospitals. You should check out the contest and join in with your family for this great cause and maybe even win some money for yourself and money to donate to your local children's hospital.