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My Tiny Home Sweet Home

   I finally decided to paint my tiny home little by little to truly make it my own. We have been living in just a couple hundred square feet for right about a year now and I still think it was a great decision. Yes it can be trying and at times everybody is in the way but most of the time it is perfectly sized for us. I was just so done renting and paying all that money for a house I wasn't allowed to do anything to and would never get a return on but we also didn't want to buy something we didn't truly love and become so house poor we knew we would be miserable, so buying a large travel trailer is what we came up with. When we lived in large two story houses with 3-4 bedrooms we really only ever hung out in two rooms most of the time anyway. It was all so much wasted space that we just filled up with crap to take up space. I do miss having enough room to host get togethers like the girl's birthday parties but I can still do them they are just mostly outside. In fact we spend a lot more time outside now and it is quite enjoyable in my hammock by the fire.
  Anyway I have begun painting the kitchen area first, with white cabinets and I will be painting the walls gray. The paint will give it that much needed small home feel instead of just a camper. I'll be sure to post my updates as I paint each section. I will be working on it in small sections so I don't get overwhelmed by it considering we are currently living in the space.

Kitchen Island Sink After

Kitchen and Island Before

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