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Moving South to Live in an RV

   While my husband has been working in Texas, our 2 girls and I have spent the last two months in Idaho packing and downsizing our possessions. Well at least I thought I had downsized enough. A couple weeks ago he flew back to help load everything we kept into a moving truck and it was a really close fit. We had to give some stuff away real fast so everything was out of the house by end of day. We did it just in time. The kids flew to grandma's house and my husband and I headed down with the kitties in tow in the moving truck. Downsizing from a 1700 sq ft house is a lot harder than I thought it would be and I feel like I sold, trashed, and donated a ton of stuff. I packed only four boxes of what I think will be useful or important for us in our new RV but I won't know until we move in. That's not including our clothes which for the most part I got down to a basket each but that will be the hardest to store in the RV especially mine and his I think.
   When we got to Texas we have all been living in the 21 ft vintage 1971 kit camper for two weeks while we wait for the new RV to get to the dealership. Its a good thing we all enjoy each others close company. The first night was rather stressful getting the small space all figured out and the kids were cranky and tired. I sat down with my 10 year old who was having a preteen moment and simply explained why we were doing this and what we are hoping to get out of it. In short I told her we are doing this by choice not necessity. We are choosing to live small with the option of moving if and when we want with our home instead of away from. We will have more money for experiences instead of just "stuff " We can go to NASA and Sea World and all the other places we want with out all the the financial worries. We talked and she thought about it and got excited all over again.
   For the most part living in the 21 footer hasn't been bad at all. {except for that night when my cat came in with a leech on her foot and all three of us girls were screaming and huddled together} I have started painting the bathroom walls and pulled up the nasty 70s carpet. I plan to fix it up then on weekend adventures we will just hook that one up and go glamping. Quick and Easy. I have learned already how little stuff we need to be happy. Though I am super excited to get the bigger one so we can start moving into it. It should be delivered tomorrow. 
    When my husband took me to look at the basic layout of the RV we ordered that wasn't going to arrive til January, I went in one very similar but only one slide out in the girls room and a bigger living/kitchen area that I instantly fell in love with and would give us all extra space. So my loving husband had them cancel our order and we ended up signing the papers on that one plus we will be in it before Christmas. :)
This is the new floorplan we picked

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