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Introducing my little Vloggers

  I may have created a monster or two.... My girls have been begging me to help them start Vlogging on Youtube for the longest time and I finally caved. Sydeney, my oldest is obsessed with all these YouTubers lately, especially a girl named Madi Lee and the Minecraft ones with Stampy Cat I believe, as some of you other parents with tweens probably know about too. I never ever thought I would hear myself telling my child to play more video games rather than just watch a video of somebody else play the games. Sigh, kids these days eh?  Anyway she seemed really interested in the making of  videos so I decided to let her run with it and now she is learning how to produce and edit. So I officially introduce you to the duo #ScarletPearl Sydeney Scarlet and Madeline Pearl


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