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Loving the PlanetBox Lunch box

   We survived the first week of school! My baby started kindergarten this year which is every other day here (I am not a big fan of the every other day kinder mind you. But that's a whole other subject.) I got the first PlanetBox for my fourth grader because she isn't a big fan of what they serve for lunch most days at school and I want her to not come home hungry and grumpy at the end of the day. I really liked it and planed to get my kindergartener the smaller lunch box option they have, called the PlanetBox Shuttle, which they just posted a coupon code on their facebook page for 15% off the complete set ordered on their website between 8/20 and 9/1/2014. The rover would be great but she really really liked all the different compartments of the Rover that her sister has so we went ahead and ordered that one because I know it will last her for years to come. So now with this being the first year that I am planning on packing lunches more than not I am putting together foods that I can make ahead and freeze then just toss in their boxes and by the time they get to lunch it will be thawed. So far I have homemade burritos, diy uncrustables, and banana muffins. I will be looking out for more recipes so if you have any suggestions please let me know.

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