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Let the kids be kids!

  I despise watching or reading the news because it makes me so sad, especially when it comes to stories about children. All the abductions, abuse and death from both tragic accidents and horrible people out in the world. All the children who don't get to be just children for long enough. It just gets to me sometimes. 
  Sometimes with my own kids I get caught up in the busy days with work and when they have school, keeping the house somewhat clean and then I look at them and think oh my goodness where has the time gone?! They are growing up so fast! I ask myself what childhood memories do I want them to grow up having and to pass on to their own kids one day? Is having a spotless house and being on edge about it really more important than making tiny fairy donuts on the kitchen floor and getting powder sugar everywhere in the process? Or building forts out of the furniture in the living room? Or random dance parties when we should be getting ready for bed? Nope nothing is more important than building their imaginations and making those memories really. 

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