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Halloween Projection Fun

  Halloween might just be my favorite holiday. I just love the decorating and costume planing and watching spooky movies the whole month of October with my family. 

  This year I am on a strict budget due to trying to ultimately save money. So I have been getting creative so we can still enjoy our traditions and have fun. Plus it's my daughter's birthday so the party must go on. 

  The other night I found myself on the website of the folks who made the spooky unliving portraits that come to life er... death right in front of your eyes and found that they sell both scary and family friendly Halloween scenes that can be played on a projector in a window from the inside of your house to create a really cool affect. You can purchase a DVD for $39.99  that can also be played on the TV or you can purchase the individual scenes to download for only $9.99 which is doable for me right now plus I already have this awesome movie projector that has lasted me several years now and I absolutely love. So last night I put a white sheet on my curtain rod over the large picture window in my living room and created this for just about $10. hurry and go check out all the fun videos AtmosFEARfx has to offer on their website. You can preview them all there. Some are cute and fun maybe a little spooky and some are really kind of freaky. 

This Optoma GT200 is the projector I personally have and it has been amazing. I love it because I can use an old iphone that I saved for playing movies from netflix, hulu, or download and it becomes easily portable to play off of a giant white sheet anywhere outside or on a blank wall inside and it is crisp and clear and like bringing the movie theater home. With the price of going out to the movies with my whole family it has paid for itself after only 2 movies on it because man has the theater and concession stand gotten expensive.

Disclaimer: Amazon affiliate link posted above for the projector
P.S. all excited thoughts and opinions are my own and I am not in anyway affiliated with AtmosFX I just really really like them.

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