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STEM kind of Summer

   It's been a while since my last post due to being super busy with life. At the beginning of summer this last year my husband and I decided I would quit my job for a bit for several reasons but boy, have I been busier than ever getting things done and taken care of around the house and keeping up with the kids. We had a pretty great summer this year. My girls have been really interested in all things science lately so my 10 year old went to a Discover Technology STEM summer camp in Nampa, Idaho.
It was pretty awesome. She was able to build her own Kano computer and learn all about using and writing code.

    Also, earlier in the summer I helped my daughter apply for the NASA girls summer mentor-ship where if chosen she would be mentored by a NASA employee using Skype for an hour each week for 5 weeks. Well to our surprise she got it! Her mentor's name was Katrina and she was amazing with emailing us all kinds of information and facts and working with my daughter over Skype teaching her about the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math used in NASA today. #STEM 
It was an amazing opportunity that both my girls enjoyed and learned from.  With all the New Horizons Pluto fly by excitement I made myself this special skirt this summer. :)

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