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DIY Upcycled Pantry

Since we moved, our new place doesn't have any kind of pantry for food storage so I was using a metal shelf temporarily in the kitchen until we happened by a nice solid unfinished wood armoire at the thrift store on sale for $50. By nice I mean falling apart but perfectly fixable. We measured it and went to the hardware store to get a new back panel and extra shelves cut.
Then took it home where I stained the whole thing with a nice cherry mahogany wood stain 
We then put on the back panel and the shelves then applied a wax finish on the entire inside leaving it with the stained finish. Next I painted the outside with a antique white after the first coat dried I lightly sanded some edges so the stain peaked out just a little, painted the second coat and lightly sanded those same spots again, let it dry then moved it into the kitchen. 
The doors took the longest just because of the dry times on either side for each coat. The backside I just stained then applied the wax finish and on the front side I stained then painted two coats with very lite sanding at the edges once that dried I applied the wax coat everywhere but where I was going to paint on with chalkboard paint. 

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  1. Love your project...and the blackboard paint on the doors is a GREAT idea! Found you over from Mom Bloggers Club Blog Hop! Thanks so much for sharing this with us :-)