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Taking the beauty school plunge

     Since I have settled in from moving to a strange new place I decided it was time for me to help earn some money so I set forth to find a job. I started looking at piercing studios and found out that they aren't regulated here like they were in Texas and most of them were happy to just have an artist do piercings on the side and cheaply at that, which is not how I do things. So then I started looking for something more retail and apparently my having owned my own company for the last several years means nothing on an online application. I got frustrated and started looking at whether or not we could afford for me to go to school and found out I would be able to get enough loans and grants. I was torn between phlebotomy and cosmetology and ultimately decided I could easily open a salon one day and go back to working for myself but I would never open my own blood bank.
     I then found myself torn between a "local" cosmetology school very close to me or going to Paul Mitchell 30 miles away. In the end they weren't that far off in price so I decided perhaps the name of a Paul Mitchell school would be better for me. So here I am all signed up and nervous to start school in 19 days. It's going to be weird being away from my baby during the day and tough since it has been nearly ten years since I have even needed to be somewhere on time that early in the morning. But in the end I think it will be worth it and I will enjoy what I do and hopefully make ok money at it.


  1. Glad to be a new follower. Good luck with your next career step. U can follow me back at

  2. Don't be nervous! Looong ago I took the beauty school plunge and it was the best thing I ever did for myself! I have kept my license current and ALWAYS have a secure job to fall back on when times get rough...and there have been a few times! Good luck! New follower! Stop by and link up to Finally Friday if you would like:)