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I just won a Free Halloween Party!

  While noticing how much wasted time I spent on the computer on facebook and doing mindless tasks I decided a while back ago that I would allot some of that time to do semi useful things like sign up for legitimate contests and free samples and price compare. Basically things that can save me money here and there so I can afford the things I really want and need for my family. So if you glance back a bit in my blog to May you might see that I had won a McDonald's and Shrek party from which turned out to be a blast especially for the kids and their friends. Well I have been addicted to the website since then and have applied for almost every party and I was pleasantly surprised to see I was chosen to host a Tombstone Halloween party and that they are going to ship me a party box containing all I need for a spooky October day. I am so excited! I love free stuff and I love parties which is why I love houseparty. I also recently did a survey about smart phones because I was chosen from their facebook page and I am supposed to be contacted soon about a VIP pass to a party of my choice. I'm not sure how that will work yet but I am still waiting for the email that should be here this week. Any way my Tombstone package is supposed to contain the following.....and don't worry I will post photos when it gets here : )
  • 1 coupon booklet containing:
6 Free TOMBSTONE Pizza coupons
2 Free NESTLÉ® Toll House® Refrigerated Cookie Dough coupons
2 Free NESTLÉ or Wonka® Candy coupons
16 $1 off TOMBSTONE Pizza guest coupons
16 $1 off NESTLÉ TOLL HOUSE Refrigerated Cookie Dough guest coupons
16 $1 off NESTLÉ® or WONKA Candy guest coupons
  • 1 pizza cutter
  • 1 oven mitt
  • 1 pack of 20 Plates
  • 1 pack of 40 Napkins
  • 1 plastic tablecloth
  • 1 refrigerator magnet
  • 1 spiral-bound activity booklet
  • 1 Wolfman fold-up game
  • 1 set of Monster Lib Sheets
  • 1 bag of spider web decorations
  • 1 package of Caution Halloween tape
  • 3-12x18 Halloween posters

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