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Is it too soon to start decorating for Halloween?

September is just taking forever... I am having a tough time not taking all of my Halloween decorations out of the box yet. I decided to show off some pictures of my recipes I did last year to start getting myself in the spirit of all Hallow's Eve. Yep, you know what?! I think I'm going to break down and start decorating indoors this week. I will at least hold out on the outside until October 1st so I don't appear too crazy to the neighbors. The greatest thing is that since Madeline was born on October 31st we are always guaranteed a Halloween party no matter how little money we have that year because we can't not celebrate her birthday right.
OK, i didn't make this but it was super cute
These were delicious! I used beef sausage and croissant dough
The skeleton fingers were cheese sticks and almond slices stuck on with ranch dip and the zombie hand was baby carrot sticks with almond fingernails in ranch dip. last year we tried a game of scary charades and I was pleasantly surprised by how many people truly got into it, so we might do that again too.


  1. That's so awesome that she was born on Halloween! What a cool birthday! How old is she now?

  2. She is about to turn two but is already quite terrible. ;)

  3. How FUN!! I can't wait for HALLOWEEN!