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The start of a new adventure. KINDERGARTEN

We did it! We successfully made it through the first two weeks of kindergarten! (and by we I mean me) This has been a tremendous experience for me. Kindergarten is scary. For the last five years I have taken care of my little girl everyday all day I always knew exactly who she was with and what she was doing. Now I sorta feel like I am just handing her off and hoping she makes it home OK at the end of the day. Of course she loves kindergarten and has taken to going everyday very well. i had all these fears that she would not want to go, or that she would at first but then she might be like "OK Mom can we stop now and go back to the way it used to be?" Then I would have to brake it to her that she will be in school from now on for a very very long time. But I lucked out and she is happy and proud to be in school. I feel terrible for the parents of one of the little boys who sits at her table because on the first day of school he just cried and cried and when his dad went to leave he ran and blocked the doorway to keep him form leaving him there. Whew, so glad that wasn't my experience. So far I like her school and her teacher but the one thing I don't like is her bus driver. He is rude and he hardly speaks English. Only enough to start screaming "get back, go back sit down" over and over as soon as the kids start loading and before they even have a chance to sit down and threatens to leave kids running to catch the bus. Ohhh I don't like that little man. I would pick her up from school but the lines are horrendous and some of the other parents are so rude.

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  1. Rude bus drivers are the WORST! I recently had my own experience with a nasty bus driver. Though it wasn't a school bus driver, but a city one, it still left me with a sense of murderous rage. LOL.

    So glad she's enjoying Kindergarten! I happen to love the age group and have subbed in many kindergarten classrooms!