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I got my Tombstone haunted house party

  I got my package in the mail today and I am very excited. This is so great especially since this month we are tightening our financial belts until we are sure my husband has a long term job lined up for when his current contract ends. Sigh.. It sucks being a grown up. It makes me wonder why I couldn't wait to be one.. Oh well here I am and it always works out in the end. We are still going to have a great spooky October even if I have to spend most of my free time clipping coupons and making my own decorations. Speaking of coupons, my five year old has been watching me clip and keep my Qs in a binder for some time now and one day she had saved her money and bought herself a shopping cart toy from Walmart and it came with coupons so she ran to her toy box and found a small photo album and carefully put all of her coupons into it and kept it in her shopping cart. Too cute.


  1. Oooh this is something pretty cool to be getting in the mail! How did you come about it? My kiddo looooves to mimic me in the grocery store, especially when Im price matching! LOL

  2. Hey Jess, Go to and check it out, all you have to do is create a profile then you look at the parties they are having and if you like it apply to host it and if you are chosen they send you a free party pack. It is a word of mouth advertising campaign. They just want you to throw a party with the stuff they give you and tell your friends. This is my second one and it is awesome.

  3. That's awesome! No worries. You are right that things have a tendency to work themselves out and there are so many cheap or free things you can do. Sometimes, those things turn out to be the best things. Love your blog btw! Feel free to check our mine.

  4. Sorry, posted a comment with the wrong account. Thanks for following my blog!