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Back to business of being a mom

 So there are many things since I became a mom that I have discovered that I never thought I would see or do or discuss so often, one of those things is poop. The amount of times I talk about poop in a day is beyond anything I had ever imagined. Lets just not even get into the things I have seen or had to clean up...eww...... anyway since we are trying to (and I say we but I clearly mean I) potty train our two year old I have been letting her run around bottomless and the other day I guess she forgot to mention anything to us but she pooed in the bedroom and our puppy thought "oh hey look a food dispenser" and I had to literally stop him from eating it so I could clean it up all while my husband sat there laughing hysterically and saying I bet you never thought you would be doing this when you married me. Seriously NO never ahhhg! but now it is funny and you know what? I am happy with this life. poo and all, OK well I could certainly do without it but that isn't possible so oh well. Now what I do question is why!? Why did I agree to a puppy of all things how did that happen?!
This was our puppy at first all cute and sleepy. My 5 year old named him Rocky because she loves musicals and at the time The Rocky Horror Picture Show was her favorite.
...And this is what he looks like most of the time now. Again why?! Now don't get me wrong I do catch glimmers of what is going to be a really great and loyal dog; however, it is the puppy stage that we are still trying to get through but he is getting much better these days. The most annoying thing is that we have a really big cat that can't be bothered to get up and run when the dog starts barking instead he will lie down in the middle of the floor which confuses the dog and makes him run in circles barking but the other morning I woke up and the dog and cat were sleeping right next to each other.

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