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My Frugality has saved Halloween

Our car broke down two weeks ago which meant we had to scrounge up more than $700 we really didn't even have, which also meant that we would not have any money for Halloween or to get anything for Madeline's birthday. But in my free time when the kids were busy or sleepy I did some online contests and signed up to host parties on Well as you saw in a previous post I was selected to host the Tombstone haunted house party which we had last weekend and the kids had a blast.

Then I took part in a contest with Hershey's and the mom bloggers club and did a post about Hershey's Halloween candy and for doing that Hershey's sent me a Halloween gift package packed full of candy.

And really it may not seem that great to some people but it really helped our family out not having to purchase one more thing and I am very grateful for that. So when you couple that with the decorations I had from last year plus what Tombstone pizza sent me you wouldn't be able to tell from the outside that we have spent very little money on this holiday. I have also won some other little prizes this week including two stuffed animals from a quicken loans game that I have hidden to use for stocking stuffers and a months worth of toaster strudels and free movie tickets from You know if I keep this up I will hopefully be able to make Thanksgiving and Christmas financially bearable. Oh yes and speaking of things I am proud of, Take a look at my shops website at I have been working hard on recreating our site and there is just a few things I need to fix but considering the fact that I had never made a real website before last month I think it looks pretty good so far.


  1. What great ideas you had! I always enter contests that bloggers have but I never win :-(
    I never thought to enter other places like food companies. You have fantastic luck and you deserve it! I'm happy everything went your way!

  2. Congrats on all the wins! I am glad your family got to celebrate Halloween and still had a great time :) I know all about car problems my engine blew up two weeks ago. As far as your new website and design it looks great ;)

    crinthia @