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TEAcher Appreciation Craft and Printable

  It's hard to believe just how fast this year is flying by, my youngest is graduating kindergarten this next week and my oldest will be in 5th grade next year! My parents warned me about how fast they grow but you know, I'm still their kid so of course I didn't listen ; )

  Anyway my girls wanted to do something for the last day of school for their teachers so we went to Michaels and picked up a few supplies costing less than 8 bucks total.

  We got some small unfinished little crate boxes for $1 each and little wooden birds to apply for $1 and some paints and paintbrushes. The paintbrushes were the most expensive at $4 something but most of the craft stores including Michaels have up 40% off coupons on and you can scan it from your phone.

  The kids did all the painting themselves because that was kind of the whole point of this gift and picked out some teas to include. Click Here For The Free Printable Gift Tags

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