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Home School Fridays

   So because we just moved to a very small town apparently their budget only allows them to have school four days a week so the kids now get three day weekends. Well that just didn't sit right with me and as I thought more about it the more OK I became with it because guess what? I am their parent and I can make sure they are still learning on Friday and everyday for that matter. It is not the sole responsibility of the public school system to teach my children. So here we are with Home School Fridays. I think we will mostly be focusing on science and space for the time being. We will learn about NASA through their fun website set up for kids and I will be ordering these fun Tinker Crates where it is a monthly experiment in a box delivered to your home where you explore science, engineering, and technology.
If you follow my link to TinkerCrate you can receive $10 off your first month.

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