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#DisneySide Party 2015

   I was lucky enough to receive a #DisneySide @home celebration kit in exchange for hosting a party with my friends and family to show off our Disney side. When the kit arrived I was amazed to see how much awesomeness the team at MomSelect had managed to pack into it. It had everything I needed to get my party going. Some of the sponsors that included products were Disney Parks of course, Duff cake mix, All Mighty Pacs, wisk, snuggle, crayola, and HP. I absolutely loved all the laundry stuff, they made my laundry smell so much fresher.

   OK so I gotta be honest with you on this, I decided not to stress over being pinterest perfect for this party. I really wanted to stretch out the fun for the whole month of February so we did just that. Anytime we had guests we did something Disney. Anytime we just needed a mood pick me up we put a Disney movie on the projector and made our living room into a theater. We had fun, grownups included.
   My husband and I are currently working very hard and strategically to pull ourselves out of dept so we can start to save to visit one of the Disney parks because we have never been lucky enough to go yet and it is something I want to do with my girls before too long. So I am going to save as much as I can and get creative on keeping the family entertained in the process. Luckily Disney @ home celebrations are something we can always pull together to create magic any day and everyday.

The Duff Tie Dye Cake mix can be found on Amazon, It was awesome and everyone really enjoyed making it and eating it.

   In Case you are wondering about my movie projector, It is an Optoma GT200, I bought it over a year ago and I still love this thing. It plays movies via Itunes, Netflix, or Hulu on any pre Iphone 5 or Ipod or it can be hooked up via HDMI to a pc. We can watch clear movies on any wall or a sheet, indoors or out. In the summer we watch movies outback on the side of our house with the neighbors. With the price of going out to a movie these days it has made it worth the purchase to stay home and enjoy plus I prefer this than any TV I have ever owned. 

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