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Greetings from Idaho

We did it, we up and moved the family to Idaho and it was a long hard ride but I feel I am getting settled in now and I really love it here. The people I have met have all been so friendly, not something I am used to from my old neighborhood where 2 days before the big move some hoodlum stole my bicycle and sold it to a thrift store at the end of my street for $10 bucks and I had to actually buy the bike back because I didn't have proof lying around that it was mine, uhg anyway, finding a house to rent from 1800 miles away was hard because they couldn't hold anything for more than 2 weeks and we had to be super fast in getting an application in and we got disappointed several times but finally found a great 2000 sq ft 4 bedroom house in a culdesac at an incredible price with a great back yard that opens up to a huge common area park that we got first dibs on.
       My husband, the dog and his dad drove the Penske moving truck and drove strait though while I had my 6 and 2 year old and my 11 and 17 year old step kids plus my mom for moral and driving support oh yeah plus my 2 old cats in the back of the minivan. The plan was to drive as much as possible straight through but with so many people the bathroom stops alone took time but we were doing pretty well and two days in decided to stay at a place in Wyoming because it was getting very dark and we were in the middle of nowhere so when we did find a motel we took it, then set out the next morning and just after entering Utah I lost control of the van and manged to get carefully off the road thinking I had a flat tire but it turned out that my wheel bearing crapped out on the back and the tire was just wobbling side to side ( and we were in the middle of nowhere) so I called my insurance and they located a tow truck that could take us BACK to Wyoming (let me add this was a Sunday morning) so we waited on the side of the road and waited then this crazy tow driver shows up and as odd as he was he was very nice and helpful because I was afraid of how the 6 of us and 2 cats were going to get there because we all cant fit in the tow truck and we wouldn't be able to walk but the man told us he would tow us to Ogdenville, Utah so we would be closer to Idaho and that we could ride in the van on the truck (scary) but it was our only option, so for an hour we held tight going along the mountain edges.
       The driver dropped us off at the Kia dealership in Utah and as he began unloading the van the tire just fell right off and as we were deciding how we would all get to the nearest hotel the driver offered to take us in two trips and the only way to get both my cats in their carriers was for them to ride on the back of the flat bed which was my scariest moment of the whole ordeal because I could picture them going over a big bump and falling off in the busy road (and boy were they mad at me for the next two days) but we all made it and the next morning I got a rental and drove everyone to our new awesome house in Idaho and then drove all the way back to give away all the money we had saved up for new furniture to get the van fixed. But that's just life and I love it here so far.

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