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It's time to start...growing my own Mango Tree

My brother in law and his wife recently sent down some of the yummiest mangoes I have ever had from a tree they have in their yard in Florida. They sent several that my family devoured but while cutting open the very last one I thought hmmm I wonder if I would successfully grow a tree from this seed. See I have always had this idea that while renting I would at some point start growing a tree from seed and hopefully by the time we are able to buy a house of our own we could plant it in the back yard to flourish. Well, after watching several youtube instructional videos some helpful and some just weird, "no homo" <------ quoted from a instructional video. I found that I needed to crack open the seed casing which I always thought was the seed itself to get the seed from inside. Most people said to wrap the seed in moist paper towel or put it in a cup of water but I went ahead and immediately planted it in a planter with soil and watered it then placed plastic wrap over the top and put it in the kitchen by my window. I was getting worried that maybe I should have done more because I checked about a week ago to see if it was rooting yet and I could pull it out of the soil then I checked four days ago and was not able to move it because the roots began to grow so I was pretty excited. Three days ago it started to sprout :) I decided that moment to set a timer on my phone so I can take a photo everyday so I can make a slide show later on. The only problem is that if I were staying in Texas my chances of growing my tropical tree are better than if I move to Idaho because they don't do well in cold so it will have to be a potted tree for a long time so I can bring it in for the winter. Who knows, I might be back in a few years or I can always bring it back on a visit and plant it in my parents yard.
 Day 1
Day 2

Have you ever grown a tree from seed?

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