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Be the Chef with Chef Boyardee house Party

Last weekend I hosted a Be the Chef with Chef Boyardee house Party from signing up at (my all time favorite website) where you sign up for free and apply to host product parties where you simply have fun with friends and family with the package they send you if you are picked to host. This doesn't cost you anything they just want you to spread the word about their brand. Personally this method of advertising gives me a greater respect for the brands that choose to work with houseparty and other like websites that allow me to truly test a product and not just take some actors word for it on a commercial that I may just fast forward through anyway. currently has a Halloween party that you can apply for now that looks like a ton of fun. I am excited about this one because I already know I am getting in on it because almost a year ago I was chosen to do a survey through their facebook page about google and after I completed it I was awarded with a VIP party pass to be used on any one party and I waited until it was almost expired in hopes for the perfect party to snag without chance. We all know how much I love Halloween so I used it right away now I just have to wait till they start selection and send out the monster green boxes. EXCITED! They also have some other cool parties you should check out such as Zumba on the wii and Just Dance 3 if you have an xbox kinect. Who knows you might win a party too. Do you have a favorite deal website? I would love to know.

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