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Silly toddler! I didn't put puppies in your hot dog!

   The funniest thing happened yesterday. I got Madeline, who will be 2 on Halloween, a hot dog while we were out and when we got home she politely asked for it repeating the word "hot dog hot dog" then the puppy came in and she looked at him and smiled saying "dog" then she looked at her hot dog and back at the dog then to me and screamed sadly "DOG!!!!!" Yet she still ate the whole thing with sad eyes on and all. She really loves to eat, which brings me to my next post of a recipe that I have been making as often as possible because it is just so yummy.

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  1. Love it! My sister has chickens, and at around 18 months her eldest made the link between chickens and chicken nuggets and became a vegetarian! My kid, OTOH, loves to pet doggies and eat "hot docks," chase my sister's chickens, and stomp back inside for a nugget lunch! She even tried frog legs at a Japanese buffet. And she LOVES fish eggs!