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I have been busy

Well I have been busy doing endless loads of laundry and dishes and toddler chasing. But on rare occasion I manage to have all children asleep at the same time whilst not passing out myself. That is when I get to make things. So here are some more of the items I have sneakily created in a dark room while trying not to wake my family.
This is my newest ring sling I have made. These are angly comfortable, especially with a toddler because she falls asleep so quickly in these things and I still have full use of my arms so I can still push a shopping cart and get things done.

Ok I just love her silly face in this picture.

this is a super soft blankie I made for Minnie with satin binding.

Really easy to make pillows. That reminds , I need to make more!

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  1. Hi there from one tattooed mama to another!!! Gotta love finding other tattooed moms!!! :):) Thanks for visiting my blog and i'm a new follower!!! Very cool your a business owner!!!