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Free House Party!

So I have been following the website and forums over the last several months because I have decided it is a good idea to save money and couponing is actually pretty fun. It is a lot like a scavenger hunt. Anyway, about two months ago someone mentioned that they were selected as a host on a website called and it intrigued me so I went and checked it out and signed myself up to see if I could be a host. A couple of days ago I did get accepted as a finalist for a McDonald's McNugget and Shrek forever after party. Yay!!!! It is always exciting to win things, isn't it? I thought they would just send me come chicken nugget coupons but it turns out it is so much more awesome than that. Well what they do is they send you a "party package" in the mail a few days before your party is scheduled and I just found out what will be in my it is...
  • 1, $75 Arch Card
  • 1, Shrek 3 DVD
  • 1, McDonald’s Stage M CD
  • 1, Shrek Forever After Movie Poster
  • 1, Shrek-themed Happy Meal box
  • 2, Shrek collectible glasses
  • 2 sets, Shrek-themed plates (each set includes 8 pieces)
  • 2 sets, Shrek-themed napkins (each set includes 8 pieces)
  • 2 sets, Shrek-themed cups (each set includes 8 pieces)
  • 2 sets, Shrek-themed invites (each set includes 8 pieces)
  • 20, McNuggets of Fun Coin Booklets
  • 2 sets of Shrek Happy Meal toys
  • 15, Shrek Happy Meal watches
  • 20, McFlurry Be Our Guest Cards
  • 15 Minute Maid Apple Juice coupons
That is actually way more than I had expected to receive so now I am really going to have to start planning this party right. I'm going to have the kids invite all their friends over and I'll make some green shrek cupcakes I'm sure. I want to have some fun with this. I am still planning so we shall see what comes out of all this.

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