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   My family doesn't really get sick very often but about a week ago it started with the five year old puking all over herself and a soar throat that spread to the two year old with an added dose of green mucous now of course my throat hurts and I have been too tired to get much done and now my hubby is starting to show symptoms of our plague all of course in the first month of my husbands new job so our insurance doesn't kick in for another two months, plus I swear Madeline is trying to score a record of how many objects she can fall off of this year. Luckily it is starting to pass, Madeline is still a little snotty and once I get moving in the morning I am fine. If we can just make it through the next two months without someone breaking a bone we will be great. Ohh I almost forgot about a really cool sample I got via FedEx the other day of Valspar paint. These are still available but you have to go to their website at midnight to sign up for it and you get to choose any color you want and it ships very fast all for free with a paint tray, rollers, and a $5 off coupon for more paint. So you should hurry and grab up this deal before it is gone. I had another one sent to my mums house too :) 
p.s. I thought you all would prefer this picture of my paint sample than a photo of my snot dripping family 

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  1. Hi, I know it's know fun when your family is sick and you are out of insurance. It happen to me in this march, my hubby got really sick and because of his new job, new insurance, all was out of pocket.
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