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Take a deep relaxing breath

Ha! yeah right, like I have time to take a deep breath. It has been a frenzy around here lately. The kids are coming down with a cold and this morning Sydeney vomited red blue berries all over the bathroom, luckily just passed the carpet, so I kept her home from school and now she is booooored. We are pretty sure my husband has a new 2 year job contract lined up but it is not to start til two weeks after his current job ends : / which is on his birthday and right before Christmas. Yikes. Then there is the shop. This time of year is always slow in the tattoo industry but this year seems extra slow. I know we will be fine in the end but we recently had a series of unexpected costs arise so we don't have any back up funds so to say the least things are tight. I have some changes in the way things are done going into affect soon though so I think it will really help. I also seem to have volunteered for the PTO at Sydeney's school and nominated myself to be the new coordinator of Cambell's Labels For Education. I feel so domesticated now :) so yeah I don't have time to take a deep breath especially when I try I get a bit panicky as though I know I should be worrying more about the impending holidays quickly creeping up on me. So I plan on keeping busy and trying to blog more. Hell, maybe I'll even do some laundry. Also I will be using my blog for my and hopefully your advantage by doing some occasional product placing but I promise to not let it cloud my regular blogitude. :) I really do enjoy the blogging world.

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  1. Hello Kristina,

    I enjoyed your blog. The kids are very cute! I saw your comment on my blog and wanted to reciprocate. Very nice to hear from you. Say hi to Chris for me, and have a great holiday season!